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Cheap Website Development Services

Cheap Website Development Services
Website (English: the website) is a web page that are interconnected which are generally located on the waiter the same contains a collection of information provided by individuals, groups, or organizations. [1] A website is usually placed at least on a web server that can accessible via a network such as the Internet, or a local area network (LAN) via the Internet addresses that are recognized as the URL. Combined all publicly accessible sites on the Internet also referred to as the World Wide Web, or better known by the acronym WWW. Although at least the home page of the Internet site is generally accessible to the public freely, in practice not all sites provide freedom for the public to access it, some web sites require visitors to register as members, or even require payment to be aggota to be able to access content contained in the web site, such as sites that feature pornography, news websites, e-mail services (e-mail), and others. These restrictions generally done for reasons of security, respect for privacy, or for certain commercial purposes.

A web page is a file written as a plain text file (plain text) are arranged and combined in such a way with instructions based on HTML or XHTML, sometimes also inserted with a bit of scripting language. The file is then translated by the web browser and displayed like a page on a computer monitor.

The web pages are accessed by the user via the network communication protocol called HTTP, in addition to improving the safety and privacy aspects better, the website can also implement a mechanism for accessing via HTTPS protocol.

Inventors web site is Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, while the web site connected to a network first emerged in 1991. The purpose of the team when designing a website is to facilitate exchange and update information on a fellow researcher where she worked. On April 30, 1993, CERN (where Tim works) announced that WWW can be used for free by the public.

A website could be the work of an individual or individuals, or show ownership of an organization, company. usually the discussion in a web site refers to a specific topic or a few, or of particular interest. A web site may contain links that connect to other web sites, demkian also with other web sites. This sometimes makes the difference between a web site created by an individual or individuals with web sites that were made by business organizations to be not so clear.

The web site is usually placed on a web server. A web server is generally equipped with a device-specific software to handle the domain name settings, as well as handling the service over the HTTP protocol called HTTP Server (English: HTTP Server) such as Apache HTTP Server or Internet Information Services (IIS).

To be able to communicate with all computers connected to the Internet, use a communication protocol that uses TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Every computer connected to the Internet has an address, such as To obtain information or data on the Internet, we can access it by typing a web address in the address bar. Address of a site on the Internet called the domain name. So the permanent address of the domain name is seen on the Internet site that is used to identify a site. In other words, the Domain Name is the address used to locate a site on the Internet.

Relation to the communication protocol TCP / IP, domain name can be likened to a telephone book, we use a number to call someone. for example when we mengekses site www.wikipedia.com the web browser Internet Explorer will contact an example IP

General term and the domain name is the URL (uniform resource locator), which is a means to determine the address that will be used to access the Internet. The URL address is a special address for a particular file that can be accessed by Internet. URL address covers all other file types that can be accessed by the Internet, for example, html files, zip, rar, jpg, gif, and png.

The complete URL address is as follows: protocol: // host name / path / filename

The protocol indicates the type of protocol to be used, ie http, ftp, and so on.
The host name is the host name (domain) to be called.
Path is the location or the directory where the files are placed on a web server.
the file name is the file name that was called.
Example: http://www.wikipedia.co.id/artikel/ensiklopedia.htm

Above URL using the http protocol
Domain name is www.wikipedia.co.id
Path or directory is intended article
Accessed file name is ensiklopedia.htm
Broadly speaking, the web site can be classified into 3 parts:

Static web site
Dynamic website
Interactive website

Static web site is a web site that has the contents are not intended to be updated periodically so that the settings or update the contents of the web pages is done manually. There are three types of utility devices commonly used in the setting of a static web site:

Text editor is the utility used to edit the web page, for example: Notepad or TextEdit.
WYSIWYG editor is a software utility web page editor that comes with a graphical interface in the design and pendisainannya, web page file lengsung generally not edited by the users, but this utility would be made automatically based on work pages created by users. This software example: Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Editor-based templates are some specific utility such as Rapidweaver and iWeb, users can easily create a website without having to know HTML language, but editing web pages just like a normal page, the user can select a template which will be used by this utility to edit files created users and make web page automatically.

Dynamic web site is a web site that is specifically designed so that the contents contained in the site can be updated on a regular basis with ease. As the name implies, the contents contained within this website in general will change after passing a certain period. News sites are one example of the types of sites that generally implements dynamic website.

Unlike static websites, dynamic websites implementation generally requires the existence of infrastructure is more complex than a static web site. This is due to the dynamic website web page generally only be made when there are users who access it, as opposed to a static web site which generally has formed a number of the current web page uploaded on a web server so that when users access the web server just give the page without the need made first.

To enable the web server creates a web page when users access them, generally on a web server equipped with machine language translation scripts (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, or others), as well as software relational database management system such as MySQL.

A file structure is generally different dynamic website with static web sites, files on a static web site is generally a set of files that make up a web site. Unlike the case with dynamic web sites, files into dynamic web site is generally a set of files that make up the web application software to be executed by a machine translation of web servers, managing function of making web pages when the page is requested by the user. ==

Domain is the address of a website is, the actual addresses of the sites that exist on the Internet is the basic form of the numbers, for example 17,125,135,147 if this number is typed in the address bar in the web penejelajah it will open the Google web site, another example 72.30 .38.140 that is typed it will open Yahoo. The use of these numbers is often called an IP address when it is actually the domain address.

Domains using words aims to use more memorable than having to memorize the order of the numbers long. Therefore, the experts made the Internet domain naming system in a form of words to substitute the order of the numbers.

The parts of the domain.

domain name
extension (extension) that is used
Examples: wikipedia.org the domain name is used google and extension is .org. At first, not so much the domain extensions, domain extensions now have very many of them (.com, .edu, .co.uk, .gov, .org, etc.). Granting extension to a domain should not be arbitrary especially for .edu, .gov, .go.id and various extensions are only available for educational institutions and government alone.

Subdomain if the analogy as a book, there is a chapter in a book and there is also a section that is part of sebuh chapter. Likewise with the domain, subdomain is part of a domain page. Examples http://id.wikipedia.org/ wikipedia.org is a domain and id is a subdomain of the domain wikipedia.org.

Top Level Domain Name is a row behind the said domain names such as .com (dotcommercial), .net (dotnetwork), .org (dotorganization), .edu (doteducation), .gov (dotgoverment), and .mil (dotmilitary).

There are two kinds of Top Level Domain, the Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLD is as described above and the ccTLD is a TLD that is destined for individual countries, such as Indonesia with the ID code (co.id, net.id, or.id) or Singapore with a code of SG (com.sg, net.sg, etc.).

Ditranslate from: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Situs_web

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